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Our Weinsberg CaraCompact 600MEG

We part exchanged our Adria Twin panel van conversion after six mostly trouble free years for a new Weinsberg CaraCompact 600MEG in 2015. The attraction of this compact coachbuilt was the twin single beds and a large garage area. It is 0.7metres longer and 2.2 metres wide so not a lot larger. It has the larger 2.3 litre 130HP engine with six speed gearbox and cruise control. Weinsberg motorhomes are built by Knaus-Tabbert in Germany, being one of their entry level range of vehicles but still well specified.

Further reviews of the motorhome will be added soon but meanwhile . . .

The Fiat speedometer visibility problem

This is a common complaint on the new X290 cab and has been reported by many owners although Fiat are not interested in providing a solution (at the time of writing in late 2015). With the latest design of instrument cowl the speedo is set well back in the recess. This may not be a problem on Left Hand drive vehicles as it is nearer the side window but especially on shaded roads it is difficult to see the speedo numbers and needle especially from the 30 to 60mph range.

After trying various LED light strip arrangements I have fitted a Xiaomi USB powered flexible LED lamp to the edge of the cowl in the eleven o'clock position. This is attached using 3M VHB clear gel double sided tape which can be easily peeled off if necessary, and I've shrouded it with black insulating tape as the one I was sent from an ebay seller was yellow. It is powered via a USB extension lead from a 12volt trailing socket with a USB 5volt outlet located below the steering wheel shroud and fed from a piggyback connector at an ignition live mini fuse in the fusebox situated on the drivers side of the dashboard. The photos below show the effectiveness of the light. I have since replaced the Xiaomi light with a USB miniature LED light which is less obtrusive. (6 for five from Amazon)

Fiat dark speedometer     Xiaomi dashboard light     Fiat lit speedometer  
    unlit speedo                                   Xiaomi light                               illuminated speedo

Further Modifications - details to follow
reading lights in cab area
12volt sockets
shelf in nearside underbed wardrobe
cab curtains
table shelf
sensor LED light by bed step





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