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Note: Our comments refer to facilities as we found when we visited in May/June 2012. Some may not be open all year or may not be available due to fairs, events etc.

municipal (local council)  c commercial/private;  P = overnight parking fee; mc = payment by ticket machine
W = fresh water    V = grey and black waste disposal
E = electric hookup -usually for a fee by coin - 2 to 12 hours wf = wifi
SP name postcode
Type  cost per night
Esterwegen 26897
Am Erikasee
Lower Saxony
N 52.99373   E 7.66737
m    P free
W €1/100L V free
E €3/kWh   6 places
Small paved roadside layby with service borne on quiet no through road by a small lake with bar and minigolf, about 3km outside village.
Wildeshausen 27793
Am Krandel
Lower Saxony
N 52.90021 E 8.42748
m    P €5 mc
W €0.50    
V free
E free  16 places
Parking area on edge of town. Flat Tarmaced with marked bays. Hokup included in parking fee.
Hanstedt-Nindorf 21271
Zum braunen Hirsch
Lower Saxony
N 53.23606  E 10.02443

c    P €2.50
W ?  V no
E ? 10 places
Carpark of hotel in small village on eastern edge of Luneburg Heath. Free if meal taken in hotel; no services but water and hookup listed in BordAtlas 
Grünendeich-Lühe 21720
am Hadag-Anleger
Lower Saxony
N 53.57268   E 9.63133
m    P €10 mc
no svcs
20 places
MH parking area by River Elbe on flat gravel. Popular parking place with snack bars at w/e for cars and bikers who eventually overan the whole area.
Stade 21682
am Schiffertor
Lower Saxony

N 53.60324  E 9.46727
m  P €8.50 mc
W €1/80L V free
E 0.50/kWh   79 pl
Hedged pitches on level gravel. Full but free parking allowed in concert hall carpark across road; services at entrance. In town centre with interesting old harbour area. (TopPlatz listed)
Brokdorf 25576
N 53.86454    E 9.31655
m     P free
W €1 V €1
E €1/2.8kWh 30pl
Marked places on paved area by dyke in small village on Elbe. Grey and black water disposal accessed by shuttered borne with time limit. Pleasant walk along river bank
Büsum 25761
N 54.12887    E 8.86881
m     P €13 mc
W €1/100L V free
E free   100 places
Large SP with marked level grass/gravel pitches. Payment by cash machine. Service point outside entrance. By fishing harbour and busy small resort.
Sankt Peter-Ording  25826
N 54.30886    E 8.63520
c     P €12 mc
W €1/50L  V inc
E inc  wf €1/hr  75pl
Large private SP (TopPlatz listed) with marked pitcjhes on level gravel. WC/shower facilities available for extra charge. Short distance to interesting town with buildings on stilts on sands. 
Leck  25917
Am Augarten
N 54.76948   E 8.98039
m     P free
no svcs
5 places
Level paved marked area in carpark by sports centre with pool and large school on edge of small town. 2 nights max
Langballigau  24977
N 54.82215   E 9.65878
c    P €10
W free  V free
E €2   20 places
On grass/gravel area at entrance to campsite overlooking sea by small marina. Campsite facilities available for extra fee.
Schacht-Audorf  24790
N 54.30606   E 9.71265
m   P €10 mc
W €1/100L  V free
E €1/?kWh 28 pl
New SP with sloping marked pitches on gravel. Overlooking Nord-Ostsee canal with large ships passing. Walk along towpath to Rendsberg railway and transporter bridge. Car ferry adj. 3 nights max.
Travemünde  23570
am Kowitzberg
N 53.97603   E 10.87780
m   P €7.60 mc
W €1/80L  V free
E €1/5kWh  49 pl
Large SP with large marked pitches on flat gravel and grass by public carpark near promenade and beach. Low season fee €5 + €1.30 per person/day Kurtax payable at ticket m/c. Circuitous access route.
Wittenbeck  18209
Parkplatz Steilküste
N 54.14496   E 11.79274
c   P €10
W €1  V €1
E none  80 places
Large grass area sheltered by trees at remote beach with cafe and carpark. waste drain (bio only) available for one hour in morning for extra fee. "Molly" narrow gauge railway passes summer wknds
Ahrenshoop  18347
N 54.39155  E 12.43915
m P see note
W see note V none
E none  20+ places
Flat gravel car park on edge of interesting artists' seaside village; parking €7.50 but m/c broken. Public wc available with water tap by sink
Binz-Prora, Rügen 18609
N 54.44799   E 13.56090
c   P €10 mc
W €1/50L   V €1
E €1/1.6kW  wifi
80 places
Large private SP with flat gravel marked pitches. Barrier access Excellent facilities, bar/cafe and information centre. In woods near fascinating Prora KDF building. Frequent bus to Binz free (TopPlatz)
Stahlbrode   18519
N 54.23282    E 13.28883
c    P €5
W €1   V free
E €1/3kWh 15 pl
Tarmac/cobbled parking area at small fishing harbour and small car ferry to Rügen. Locally caught smoked  fish for sale and cafe/gift shop.
Kargow-Schwarzenhof 17192
Stellplatz Ziegenwiese
N 53.46300   E 12.79970
c     P €7.50
W €1   V €3
E €1.50   10 places
Small CL type flat grass field in National Forest Park, 5km east of Waren. waste disposal (Bio only) locked and fee payable for access. Marked foot and cycle paths to Müritzsee (largest inland lake).
Gotthun   17207
Pension Müritzwiese
N 53.42075   E 12.59259
c     P €13.50
W free  V free
E €2     13 places
Small CL type site with marked grass pitches in small village near Müritzsee. Good facilities. Cafe and cycle paths to lake. Pretty lakeside town of Röbel a few km south.
Neuruppin   16816
am Sportcenter
N 52.91578   E 12.80352

m     P €6.50
no svcs  10 places
Parking area on flat gravel at edge of carpark for large sports centre/hotel in busy town. Near lake
Werder (Havel)   14542
an der Föhse
N 52.37794   E 12.93735
c    P €6.50
W & V see note
E €2.50  27 places
SP on flat gravel beside lake in town to west of Potsdam. Services at Harbour office limited hookups available. Rubbish collection tax €1.50 no wc waste disposal. fee collected in eve. near river/lake
Lübben   15907
Spreewald Camping
N 51.93559    E 13.89440
c     P €12
W free     V free
E none    30 places
SP outside campsite entrance on level gravel; service borne in campsite. Campsite facilities available washing m/c showers etc. Short walk to interesting town with canals and boat trips in Sorbian region
Stolpen  01833
An den Stadtscheunen
N 51.05165   E 14.08820
c     P €10
W free   V free
E free  25 places
SP on level gravel/grass beside gas/ heating company and cafe; wc and showers available. Interesting old town with schloss. Near Sächsische-Schweiz National Park and Bastei rocks
Rathen  01824
Bauernhof Steiner
N 50.94369   E 14.07946
c     P €16
W free   V free
E free    12 places
Private SP on narrow road marked gravel pitches some sloping. Service point Bio waste only. Near busy railway. About 2km from village with passenger ferry to Bastei and paddle steamer trips on Elbe.
Dresden   01097
Parkplatz Wiesentorstraße
N 51.05681    E 13.74333
c     P €14/24h
W €2  V €2
E €4    50 places
Level tarmaced SP under trees fenced. Service point at entrance; higher fees for longer MH's. Very near Elbe riverbank and Augustbrücke in centre of city for sightseeing. Parking attendant during daytimes.
Dippoldiswolde - Malter  01744
Pension Annette
N 50.91587    E 13.66405
c     P €10
W free  V €3
E free   8 places
Small SP in hotel garden. gravel pitches with hookups, water taps and waste point. Only space for 5 small MH's. Near lake and tourist train. In small village 20km south of Dresden.
Schwarzenberg   08340
Stellplatz Uferstraße
N 50.53321    E 12.78316
m     P €6 mc
W €0.50/80L V free
E €0.50/kWh  6 pl
Small SP in town centre marked pitches on level gravel; service borne. Pitches can be reserved. Interesting town with schloss and Rockelman Park with outdoor arena. In wooded Erzgebirge region
Bad Brambach  08648
N 50.22011   E 12.31157
m     P €6
W free   V free
E €2   10 places
SP with level grass and gravel pitches in park by old outdoor swimming pool. wc showers available. Small town with health spa in gardens on Czech Republic border.
Kronach - Mostrach  96317
Lucky Stable Ranch
N 50.21867    E 11.33940
c     P €5
W free   V free
E free    wifi free
5 places
SP in carpark level tarmac by large riding stables; showers and cafe.  Narrow 2km access road through woods (continue past municipal SP). Old walled town with large schloss. 
Meura  98744
N 50.58320    E 11.20272
m     P €1.50
W €0.50  V free
E €?     10 places
Level gravel SP by football field on edge of small village. Service borne and hookups. For free first night -call in to council office in town centre. Old church and largest Haflinger Gestüt in Europe. 
Tiefenort  36469
Freizeitanlage Herrstatt
N 50.83453   E 10.16306
m     P free
W none    V none
E €2/24h   6 places
Small level concrete area next to outdoor swimming pool and sports hall. No water or waste services but hookup bornes.
Edersee-Hemfurth  34549
N 51.17026    E 9.05054
m     P €6
W €1   V €1
E none   10 places
Level SP on tarmac and gravel; marked spaces under trees by small park; fee collected in evenings. EOn hydroelectric station nearby with funicular railway up to hills. 2km walk to Edersee dam and reservoir.
Bad Wildungen 34537 
N 51.12005    E 9.13634
m     P €6 mc
W €.50/45L  V free
E €.50/kWh   29 pl
SP with large hedged level pitches; some hookups. Service borne at entrance. Popular and full but there are additional spaces further along road.  By railway terminus (quiet branch line). In interesting spa town
Bad Laasphe   57334
North Rhine-Westphalia
N 50.92412    E 8.41188
m     P €5 mc
W 0.50    V free
E €0.50/kWh  7 pl
Small SP tarmac marked pitches on quiet side road near flats. Service point by council offices carpark 200 metres along road and additional spaces at wknds. Small spa town with old buildings and parks.
Unkel   53572
am Kindergarten
N 50.59892   E 7.21852
m     P free
W €?  V €?
E none   8 places
SP signposted in large carpark, level tarmac. Services in separate car park 200m to N . In attractive village with old centre and terrace by east bank of Rhine. Some distance from busy railway line.
Jülich   52428
Brückenkopf Park
North Rhine-Westphalia
N 50.92341   E 6.34036
c     P €7.50
W €2/80L   V free
E free    25 places
Marked level grass pitches on edge of large carpark for leisure park and gardens. Additional MH parking on grass in main carpark; service borne at entrance. Footpath to town centre & historic citadel.

Other stellplätze visited (listed in order of our route)
Details Our comments
Lower Saxony
N 52.85287    E 8.05469
P free
20 places
Overnight MH parking allowed at Museumdorf; no services. Large museum of rebuilt historic buildings.
Lower Saxony
N 53.22100    E 8.92814
P €5 mc
? places
Overnight MH parking in main visitors carpark with public wc but no services. Interesting artists' village.
Lower Saxony
N 53.13114     E 9.77291
P free
25 places
SP grass parking at Qellenbad outdoor pool on edge of town rather remote and no other MH's parked. On edge on Lüneburg Heath
Lower Saxony
N 53.47141    E 9.69491
P free
W €1
30 places
Busy SP in town centre behind shops. Used borne to top up water
Jork town centre
Lower Saxony
N 53.53068    E 9.68020
P free
80 places
Well signposted SP in town centre very popular and full (BH weekend). Capital of Altes Land with orchards and fruit growing centre. Very attractive farms and timbere framed houses.
Jork am Yachthafen
Lower Saxony
N 53.55329    E 9.66805
P free
10 places
Very busy SP on Elbe riverbank. about 20 MH's parked.
Lower Saxony
N 53.60407    E 9.55921
P €5
15 places
marked SP on dyke by River Elbe. no services. Full due to BH weekend.
N 54.47446    E 9.04271
P €12
30 places
Private SP with service and hookups by river on edge of town, next to free daytime public parking area.
N 54.72679    E 8.69424
P €6
10 places
Small SP behind high sea wall in small village with car ferry to island of Föhr.
N 54.78893    E 8.82457
P €5/24h mc
W €1    V €1
25 places
Grass area by carpark by swimming pool in town centre; timed shutter service borne for waste. Weekend festival event with disco in marquee adjacent so drove to Leck.
N 54.82006    E 9.66675
P €7
45 places
SP outside campsite near Langballigau. We walked past entrance 2km from Langballigau SP (see above).
N 54.46505    E 9.83634
P free o/night
€1/h day mc
46 places
Large carpark with separate marked MH spaces and service borne. Beside busy main road in town centre of seaside resort.
Bad Segeberg
N 53.93910    E 10.31024
P free
5 places
5 MH places listed in carpark by lake. None were parked in morning we walked past. Two other town centre carparks have 3 MH places listed.
N 53.87164    E 10.67917
P €5/day mc
10 places
MH parking area signposted next to Musik Center carpark by river. Some vans had parked overnight. Day parking free on Sundays. Short walk from old town centre.
N 53.95533    E 10.86202
P €10 /night
90 places
Private SP signposted by fishing harbour; services, wc and showers. Day parking €6. Some MH's parked in public car park nearby.
N 53.89433    E 11.45159
P €9/24h
65 places
Private SP with services, wc and showers near docks and interesting town centre. We found free daytime parking on nearby street.
N 54.30193    E 13.10120
P €12
60 places
SP at MH dealer's parking virtually underneath new flyover on busy main road in industrial area. We drove on to Stahlbrode.
N 53.51323    E 12.69447
P €8.50
40 places
Large private SP in town centre at garden centre by busy main road.
Waren - Federow
N 53.48321    E 12.75911
P €3 mc
10 places
SP in car park at Müritz National Park visitor centre with hookups and service borne.
N 53.38706    E 12.61766
P €12
5 places
MH parking at yacht harbour. Services available. About 10 MH's parked when we visited. Attractive lakeside town. 
Potsdam - Am Krongut
N 52.41359    E 13.02941
P €10?
11 places
New barriered car park with MH and coach parking €5 1st hour then €2/h up to €10 max for day. No services. Not sure if overnight parking is allowed.  1.5km walk to Sanssouci Park
Bad Muskau
N 51.53382    E 14.71817
P €12
25 places
Private SP on edge of town by tourist railway. Services, WC and showers extra.
N 51.18152    E 14.41481
P free
W €1    V €1
4 places
Marked MH bays in carpark on edge of town; two service bornes. Other vans parked in main carpark. We parked for two hours and used timed shutter borne for water and waste. Interesting old town.
Bastei Rocks
N 50.98666    E 14.05408
P €5 o/n mc
P €3 day
10+ places
Overnight parking allowed in P+R car park. No services. Free bus to rocks
N 50.96644    E 13.93758
P free?
5+ places
Several MH's parked NE of main road bridge over river Elbe opposite steamer quay. No services.
N 50.57481    E 12.61283
P €5
40 places
SP at large lakeside leisure park at Filzteich. Totally deserted so didn't stay. No services.
Klingenthal - Zwota
N 50.35090    E 12.38269
P €10
20+ places
Private SP at farm. Deserted campsite with basic facilities so didn't stay as it was early in day.
N 50.32981    E 11.91970
P free
12 places
MH parking in car park for zoo and botanical gardens. Service borne listed at carwash in Hofecker Straße.
N 50.48086    E 11.16181
P free
MH parking in main carpark at top of town. Stopped to look at glass workshops. No services.
N 50.83467    E 10.95448
P €10 mc
4 places
Overnight parking allowed in main tourist carpark in town centre by swimming pool and sports centre. Interesting old town with doll museum. No services but hookups listed.
N 50.81766    E 10.01292
P free
5 places
SP by swimming pool on edge of town by derelict factories. Also 5 MH parking spaces listed at carpark by old bridge on busy main road; no services. We drove back to Teifenort.
N 51.13143    E 9.26904
P €7/24h mc
10 places
Marked MH parking in tourist carpark (cars free). Stayed a couple of hours to look at half timbered town. Service borne.
Edersee - Waldeck
N 51.20330    E 9.05016
P €10
7 places
SP at Hotel Seeblick by road junction to Waldeck village and schloss, by reservoir and adjacent to small cable car.
Edersee - Vöhl
N 51.17568    E 8.89058
P €10
10 places
SP in carpark outside entrance to large and busy Camping Teichman. Across road from Kellerwald National Park Visitor Centre.
Biedenkopf - Stausee
N 50.01100    E 8.46069
P free
SP at small remote hedged carpark by reservoir on edge of industrial town. No services. Didn't feel safe for overnight stay - continued to Bad Laasphe.
Bad Honnef
North Rhine Westfalia
N 50.64400   E 7.21787
P free
8 places
SP in carpark by Rhine between busy bus and railway terminus and main railway line. No services. Drove on to Unkel.
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